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Loss of Miscarriage

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Has your family been impacted by a miscarriage? How did you get through that? Share your story on the next Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie. 833-288-3986

One thought on “Loss of Miscarriage

  1. I would like to share with others but I dont think i can talk about this on the air. I’ve only ever shared it with my other 3 daughters

    18 years ago My daughter Julie experienced a miscarriage. She was told at about 13 weeks in her third pregnancy that there was no longer a heartbeat. So so painful. She carried the baby for 2 weeks waiting to lose the baby naturally. Dr tried to induce the birth but we had to continue to wait.
    The baby was finally lost while my daughter was in the hospital. I was with her at this time. A beautiful woman, who was in the ministry of assisting mothers going thru this situation, had been ministering to my daughter in the hospital. When the baby was lost in the hospital she took the baby with such care and reverance and wrapped the baby. She told my daughter and son in law that they could see the baby if they wanted to. They said yes. I was amazed at this! They went into a private room to see the baby while i watched their little young son. Then this angel of a woman asked me gently if I wanted to see the baby. I didnt know what to think… i felt what i can only describe as fear. I dont know what i was afraid of, i think it just seemed too overwhelming to imagine, but i said yes. The baby was wrapped in a beautiful pouch. She unwrapped the baby and I could see the miracle of its tiny tiny body… with head arms hands and legs. I dont know how to describe what i felt, I can only say it was a precious glimpse into the sacredness of life! I felt like i was looking into the face of God. I could hardly breathe… I will never forget it as long as i live.

    Then a minister from the hospital came and my daughter wanted him to baptize the baby. Julie felt it was a girl and named her Grace.
    We sat in her room with my son in law and me and she asked me if I wanted to hold the baby while she was baptized. I was totally surprised but so honored to hold that precious life in my arms. She is God’s gift to my daughter and son in law and our family

    Thank you for this opening this sensitive subject. God bless you and your ministry!


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