Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

3 thoughts on “The Real Presence for November

  1. My favorite sacrament is the Most Holy Eucharist.


  2. Hi Debbie and Jerry! About 3 years ago I was at mass and noticed that many people in the communion line would bow before the Host and then walk hurriedly pass the Chalice with the Blood of Christ. This made me sad to watch. When my husband and I were driving home after mass, I mentioned to him how irreverent people were to Jesus in the Chalice. My husband began to tell me that receiving the Body of Christ was all one had to do to receive Jesus, body, blood, soul and divinity. I told him I was aware of that; however, people still had to show respect and bow instead of rushing by without a glance. My husband was driving and said, “I disagree..” Before he could get any other words out, his truck jolted like he had slammed his brakes. Just as quickly, the truck returned to normal speed! My husband did not miss a beat..he looked at me and said, “I totally agree with you”! Still makes me smile; it was as if his guardian angel was sending him a message! After that day, I continued to partake of the Blood of Christ, and my husband bows reverently before passing by!


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