Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

3 thoughts on “We Believe in Prayer!

  1. After 10 years of trying to conceive and 10 years of prayer, my husband and I decided to adopt. Our son was two years old when we adopted him from a 3rd world country. Life seemed so much easier and full of joy, peace and love back then. When he was a junior in HS we found out that he was doing drugs and it ripped our family apart. My prayer intentions are for all those parents/guardians and loved ones who live with addiction in their families. And especially for those who are addicted to turn their lives over to God and let Him be their pilot.


  2. Please pray for my dad Al. He is having his hip replaced at 10:30 am this morning at the Banner Hospital in Sun City West, Az. Tomorrow will be 11 years for the repose of the soul of my mom Rainie. She won her battle with Alzheimer’s on the Ascension of the Lord. I also pray for the conversion of my son Logan’s heart. I pray that my son Morgan and his wife Maria are able to find work close to me in the state of Idaho. I pray that my teenage grandchild are protected from the evil one as well they rest of my grandchildren. Lastly, I pray for my continued healing, I just had my last surgery two weeks ago and I am still cancer free. Thank you Jesus for my pray warriors that we continue to fight the battle. Amen. Thank you for your show.


  3. Dear Jerry and Debbie,
    First time watching you on YouTube and I prefer “seeing” you both. I love your show and pray for you both and all people on the Take@ family. Just a thought that came to me while listening to today’s show. Peggy’s 39 year old is looking for a husband, and Ulah (?) says that he is lonely. Not sure if he is married, but perhaps they should meet.
    God bless you both in your ministry.


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