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I Need To Sleep, But I Can’t…

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Some folks watch TV, others listen to music, and then there are some that pray in order to fall asleep or go back to sleep. How do you drift off to sleep and get a full night’s rest? Call us and share with us if you are one of those folks that wake up at 3AM staring at the ceiling… 1-833-288-3986
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One thought on “I Need To Sleep, But I Can’t…

  1. Here’s Cathy’s Prayer from Massachusettes:

    LORD, when I lie down and sleep may I wake again because You sustain me. Do not let my foot slip; You, Who watches over me and does not slumber. Indeed, You Who watches over Israel never slumbers or sleeps. May I lie down and sleep in Peace, for You alone O LORD, make me dwell in safety.

    In vain I rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat; but You grant sleep to those You Love, help me to fall asleep quickly. When I lie down may I not be afraid; when I lie down, may my sleep be sweet; please make these hours feel like eight hours, for You are my Confidence. When I awake and look around may I see that my sleep has been pleasant.

    Your Word says that Your angels are mighty; they do Your bidding and obey Your Word. Please Command Your angels to guard me in all my ways, may they lift me up in their hands so I do not strike my foot against a stone. Because I fear You God, send Your angels to encamp around me as I sleep. Thank You, for delivering me and keeping me safe. Amen.

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