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Do You Have a Miracle Story?

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God is still in the “miracle business.” They happen all the time. Do you have an account of your own miracle that you’d like to share? Please do so on Tuesday.

Also heard on Catholic Radio.

One thought on “Do You Have a Miracle Story?

  1. My miracle story goes back to March of 2020 I’ve had ongoing visual issues for the past several years resulting in the loss of vision in my right eye I developed a cataract in my left eye and needed cataract surgery my surgery was scheduled initially for mid March of 2020 however my doctor and I decided it was best to do it sooner rather than later. However since my regular doctor was going to be out Lindaof town he arranged to have it done by his associate. Well I had my surgery done and praise God everything went well. I consider this a miracle because it was shortly after my surgery that covid had hit and everything shut down had I waited my surgery would have gotten postponed three to four months and by then my site would have been too far gone. Thanks to God’s divine intervention and divine timing I was able to prevent going completely blind.


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