Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

How Is Our Brain Health Holding Up?


Brain health, more commonly termed mental health, is so vital to a happy, healthy life. We hear a lot these days that many people are struggling in this area of their lives, especially with all of the challenges we’re facing today. On Thursday, let’s talk about how our brain health is holding up.

2 thoughts on “How Is Our Brain Health Holding Up?

  1. Listened to your program today on “brain health”. Your favorite movie had prompted me to watch it a while ago with my brother. I would definitely add “What about Bob?” to my favorite movies!
    During the movie I started to tear up because, even though the character of Bill Murray had all the obnoxious hang-ups and fears you could think of, you saw that he had such a good heart and was interested and loved family. He appreciated, focused on, and tried to help others, in contrast to the self-centeredness of the Richard Dreyfus character.
    God Bless you both, long time listener, Tom from Rochester.


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