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The Source and Summit of Our Faith Pt 1

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isThe Eucharist is truly the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. Sadly, many Catholics do not understand or believe this reality. There seems to be a crisis of belief in the Eucharist. So, it helps from time to time to talk about our love for this precious sacrament. We’ll do that on Monday – as always, with your help!

One thought on “The Source and Summit of Our Faith Pt 1

  1. I just read this yesterday – it is from a church that is returning to the use of the altar rail.

    ” The communion rail’s placement is of utmost importance: the border between the sanctuary-where the altar/tabernacle is, and which images heaven- and the nave (where the people gather), which images earth. The meeting point between the two-heaven and earth-is traditionally the place of the reception of Holy Communion, the place where we offer ourselves to the Lord and the Lord offers Himself to us. The Lord comes from heaven to give Himself to us here on earth – He gives us supersubstantial spiritual food for the journey to heaven. Our hope is that the return to receiving Holy Communion at the place intended by those who constructed our church will foster a deeper sense of reverence and recollection.”

    I love this explanation!! If one was never taught that Jesus is present in the sacred host (me), you do realize that something very holy and sacred is happening when you have to kneel and receive on the tongue.

    God bless you



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