Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Whose Ministry Has Had an Impact On You? —– JERRY’S BIRTHDAY!!!


Throughout our lives, we are blessed by the holy work of so many people. This includes in our parishes, schools, and many other places. On Thursday, let’s talk about whose ministry has impacted you for the better.—- People call in and wish Jerry a Happy 60th Birthday!

2 thoughts on “Whose Ministry Has Had an Impact On You? —– JERRY’S BIRTHDAY!!!

  1. I believe EWTN definitely has had an impact. I continue to learn/grow listening to the various programs. I work part time as a cashier and I look at that as being in ministry. I enjoy making my customers laugh or smile after knowing they’ve had a long day. I get little prayer cards to pass out or sometimes miraculous medals. Sometime my customers are the ones to make me laugh or smile which means a lot after a long day of working 2 jobs….

    Keep up the great work Jerry and Debbie and…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY JERRY!!!!!!!


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