Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Just One More Time, Part Two


On Thursday, we invite you to continue your heartfelt comments about whose voice you would love to hear “just one more time” if you could. Part Two was determined by the huge participation on Wednesday. If you missed Wednesday’s show, you can listen to it below, and you won’t want to miss Thursday’s episode.

2 thoughts on “Just One More Time, Part Two

  1. Thank you Debbie and Jerry for this show. It did warrant 2 days! As you and the callers talked, I thought of so many folks I miss. Many good “Holy Spirit” memories came to my mind too. Our family (of 5 at the time) would wait until we were in bed to start the “Waltons” good-night (everyone had to say it to each person too!) That would go on for quite awhile, until our parents said “That’s enough” (of course we’d say ok and do it a few more times, we always ended up laughing!)


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