Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Life Is “All About Relationships”


We will end the week with our monthly “All About Relationships” show. If it’s a relationship we can be involved in – friends, loved ones, family, romance, marriage – then it’s something worth talking about. Please join us as we seek to improve all of our interpersonal relationships.

2 thoughts on “Life Is “All About Relationships”

  1. I am in a Marriage of 13 years with four beautiful children, I am so deeply in love with my husband. We are in a state far from my family due to my husband always seeking a better job. I believe he may have Narcissistic personality disorder, He is very concerned about his title and how he is perceived from his peers. I feel like my children & I are just holding this position in our home as his family. I don’t feel that we have ever figured out how to live our own lives. We have little to no input in life decisions. our family is currently in a peaceful phase, but if I mention anything memory making as far as doing anything, he immediately shuts me down. I mentioned this to him and he said it will get better when we have our expected bonus and we can afford my ideas. At this point I feel like my children are missing out on life. any ideas or thoughts would be hugely appreciated.
    Thanks & Blessings!


    • Emilou, be assured of our prayers for you, your husband and your beautiful family. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your pastor, or to get some professional counseling. If you think it would help, perhaps you can try our professional life coaching at http://www.standtalltoday.com. Couples coaching is available, and consultations are free. God bless you.


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