Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Which Station of the Cross Means the Most to You?


The Stations of the Cross is a centuries-old devotion in the Catholic Church. The stations follow Jesus through the final hours of His passion and death. Which station has the deepest meaning for you personally? Share it with us on Wednesday – our final live show until Easter Monday.

4 thoughts on “Which Station of the Cross Means the Most to You?

  1. I think all of them add up to the totality of Jesus’s love for all of us. God Bless everyone at take2! Please pray for all of us.


  2. congratulations on this excellent program about the spirituality of individual catholics

    it might be a major step to begin the program with a short prayer to the Holy spirit to guide the callers

    It is uplifting to hear the prayers to St Joseph at the end of the program


    • Thanks, Rick. We do pray before every program, especially for the listeners and callers. Have a blessed Triduum and a Happy Easter.


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