Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Watching Out For Scams

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It’s hardly a secret these days that some very unscrupulous people are out to get you. Typically this comes in the form of trying to talk you out of large sums of money. They are frauds, but they are extremely intelligent and quite good at what they do. They realistically take on the persona and language of companies you do business with. Have you been the victim of a scam? Have you been approached by scammers, but figured them out before it was too late? On Tuesday, Jerry and Debbie will welcome you to call with your own personal experience. As always, you will be teaching and inspiring many others who will be tuned in.

One thought on “Watching Out For Scams

  1. It’s interesting how God works, I was feeling sad all day because I recently feel victim to a scam and I was feeling so ashamed and stupid for having fallen for it and I get the urge to listen to your tonight(3/2/21) on tune-in.
    What happened is that I had joined a remote job site and had finally heard back for an interview. These people said they were sending me a check for equipment to set up my “mini office”. They had me send the money to a vendor of said equipment. They check turned out to not be real and the bank has suspended my account and I must pay them back. I was feeling so discouraged and naïve, but I think that this was God’s way to let me know I am not alone. I have faith, please pray for me, that I find a trusting job and am able to pay this money back as soon as possible.


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