Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Seeking the Lord’s Immediate Assistance


It’s already the end of the week, and, on Friday, we’ll take your calls, emails, texts and social media prayer intentions. Whatever you need God to help with right now, let’s storm heaven together and lift up one another’s urgent intentions.

Catholic Answers article on Pokemon – https://www.catholic.com/qa/a-catholic-perspective-on-pokemon

Memorare to St. Joseph – https://www.ewtn.com/catholicism/devotions/memorare-to-st-joseph-350

3 thoughts on “Seeking the Lord’s Immediate Assistance

  1. God please help my 90 year old dad who has congestive heart failure.


  2. Thanks and keep my friend who whould of been my best man Trey and for my best friend and angle Kendra Paul Anthony ciskanik jr


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