Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Have You Ever Been Given the Silent Treatment?


It’s what’s known as the “silent treatment.” Someone you’re close to, in many cases even immediate family members, shun you and simply refuse to talk to you or have any interaction with you. Sometimes you’re left wondering what you did or said to cause that to happen. Maybe you know what that is, but don’t see to be able to resolve the situation or be reconciled to the other person due to them not talking to you. This can be one of the harshest and cruelest manners in which others treat us. Let’s talk about this on Wednesday’s show.

2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Been Given the Silent Treatment?

  1. Hello from Florida,

    I have written to you once before in response to a caller with agoraphobia. I was given the silent treatment by my Grandmother who raised me from the age of 4. I am now 49 years old and just realized in prayer during the illness and death of my dad in 2018 that I was actually mentally abused by the silent treatment. So was my dad. I loved my Gram till the end and held her hand when she breathed her last. I also have become convinced that the anxiety is the attack of Satan. My sensitive heart and soul has a special love for the elderly. My attacks have resurfaced again from wondering Jesus am I doing right like,I always need affirmation. It is much more complex than we could ever know. Thank you for all you do l,all my suffering is offered up for the conversion of souls, and the growth of the Take 2 family


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