Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

What’s the Talk on High School and College Campuses?


The Take 2 Family is doing an amazing job (no surprise!) of providing insights and lived experiences on our “Schools Week” broadcasts. On Thursday, we hope you’ll join us again for a program that will touch upon many facets of high school and college campus life. From student government to classes and clubs, from dating issues to being homesick, from protests to living out the faith. In essence, the mic is yours again on Thursday to share you own campus experience (current or past), that of your kids, from the perspective of a teacher or administrator – come on, come all on our next show!

4 thoughts on “What’s the Talk on High School and College Campuses?

  1. I think this topic was yesterday


    • Sort of, Mary. A little different twist on it on Thursday. But people are welcome to call and comment on any of this week’s shows every day this week. Thanks for listening!


  2. Keep my sister Colette and brother james and Brandon Michael Williams Kendra widor who I like slot Paul Anthony ciskanik jr


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