Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

A New Year, A New You?


Here we are again at the start of another calendar year. Time to apply some self-improvement resolutions to our lives. Are you someone who makes such commitments? How well do you stick to them? Perhaps you’ve decided to get in shape, pray more, go to Adoration, exercise, sleep better, work on important friendships and relationships. Let’s talk about this on Thursday’s show.

3 thoughts on “A New Year, A New You?

  1. Jerry & Debbie….thanks for your informative show. I was listening today when a lady called in to discuss “being present in the moment.” She then proceeded to share that she was driving and was being present in the moment by opening her window and listening to geese (I believe) flying over while listening to you and talking on her phone.

    This whole scenario sent alarms off for me. I am a recently retired college employee who worked with students with disabilities. One afternoon, I called a student to briefly confirm her appointment and after a very short conversation the phone call was dropped. When we were able to reconnect she told me she was driving when she took my phone call and had been in a wreck. The next time I followed up with her she informed me that she had incurred a brain injury from that accident and would not be able to continue her studies at that time.

    As a result of that incident, I now inform people at beginning of phone conversations that I prefer to not to talk if they are driving a vehicle because I don’t want to be an unnecessary distraction that might cause an injury to themselves or others.

    Just a thought to consider as the repercussions can be detrimental and long term.

    Thanks for all your efforts to help and encourage your listeners.



  2. How do I leave a prayer request?


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