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A Look at Nativity Scenes

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A longtime part of our celebration of Christmas has been setting up nativity scenes. For the longest time, they were rather traditional, which, actually, covered a wide range. In recent years and decades, “modern art” has often presented them in rather distasteful ways. One example of that is this year’s nativity scene at the Vatican. On Thursday, let’s talk about your nativity scene, and how it glorifies God in presenting the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


One thought on “A Look at Nativity Scenes

  1. I’ve been dismayed at Vatican’s choice in Nativity displays. This one is unbelievable. It conjures up thoughts of medieval darkness and aliens from who knows where…
    Christmas time is a season for us to give glory to the newborn King, not glorify someone’s modern art incorporating secular elements rendering the display sacrilegious. It’s impossible to count on the vatican for a teachable moment; kids everywhere likely are afraid. In our house, we display a Fontanini Nativity allowing wonder and awe at the manger.


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