Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Do You Fear For Your Children’s Future?

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Raising kids has never been easy. It’s perhaps not unfair to say that it has gotten more dicey in recent generations, given all the traps and allurements that our young loved ones run into. The times we’re living in are far from “normal,” as we all know. The challenges facing our children include things like the COVID-19 shutdown of schools, stay-at-home orders, wearing masks, distance/online learning, not being able to participate in many of their favorite activities like sports, and so many more. As parents, you likely put the best face possible on all of this. But, deep in your mind and heart, you realize that many things our kids face today are unhealthy and do not bode well for them going forward. On Monday, let’s have a candid conversation about this. As always, we want to walk away better and closer to God.

One thought on “Do You Fear For Your Children’s Future?

  1. God’s Impartial Peace in Jesus The Beloved Anointed One Always Known As Redeemer, Mediator, Savior, with a special note, from Bethlehem the city of bread, as this Joyous Holiday Season of Christmas.
    While I am not Catholic anymore,
    as a Christian like Jerry friends with Debbie,
    I do like the real human family interactions on your show.
    have a wonderful day!


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