Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

What Is Sin?

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In John 18:38 we read Pontius Pilate’s famous question to Jesus: What is truth? He may have been genuinely uncertain or confused, or perhaps he was simply mocking Jesus. At any rate, countless people in today’s world regularly ask the question, “What is sin?” Not necessarily by their words, but more by their actions. So many people in our nation, around the world, and, sadly, even in the Church don’t really know what is sin, and what is not sin. This is due in large measure to bad catechesis over the last several decades. On Thursday, join Jerry and Debbie, and help shed some light on this very crucial subject – one that will determine the eternal fate of every human being. We’ll offer some catechesis, get your insights, and also talk about how seriously each of us takes the reality of sin and tries to avoid it at all cost.

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