Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Are You Single and Loving It?


On Wednesday, Jerry and Debbie will welcome your contributions to a conversation about the single life. Some are single because they have chosen to live their lives that way. Others are single because they haven’t yet found the spouse they can spend their lives with. If you’re single, how do you feel about it? Are you searching for a mate? Have you made an intentional decision to remain single to devote your life to serving the Lord in whatever way He would have you do it? Do you believe the Church has an adequate outreach to you and your peers? Let’s have another lively discussion and grow closer to God in the process.

3 thoughts on “Are You Single and Loving It?

  1. Hi, I heard a priest who said one of the reasons to be married is help your spouse to go to heaven. So I decided not get divorced with who it’s or was really difficult. We were civil married. God, EWTN & his church help my husband become Catholic, we married in the Catholic Church and we change for good. My point is we will never find a perfect couple, instead we could help someone to be close to who we want …or to go to heaven.


  2. I’m currently 39 (will be 40 at the end of May) and still single. For the longest time I resisted the idea of being single, or a priest (which I’ve come to understand has a lot of similarities to marriage anyway). But lately I’ve been thinking that there are many blessings, and many sacrifices, no matter what walk of life you choose (hopefully with God’s help). I think many people, myself included, are looking for the lifestyle vocation that we THINK is gonna be easy to live, and then wind up with “buyer’s remorse” when we find that no matter what, there will be sacrifice. Like one caller yesterday said though, us singles can fill in gaps that cannot be filled in by married people, priests, and religious (all of which are beautiful vocations in their own right). So I implore people to look at the beauty and graces one can have living the life of a dedicated single person rather than on the apparent loneliness of it.


  3. Please explain how single people have so much free time. I have just as much house work and yard work and etc. as a married couple, and I have to do it all myself.

    Ask any priest how many Church weddings take place today vs. 30 or 40 years ago. He’ll surely say about 10%. But no one cares, not one bit. Parishes stopped having social events about… 30 or 40 years ago. Cause and effect? I’ve been trudging in and out of the parish churches in the suburbs of Phoenix for over 30 years now. Never any social events where I might meet other singles. I have a busy and active life, but I never feel more lonely than when I attend church.


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