Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

What Was the Hardest Thing For You About Retirement?

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If you’re retired, then Monday’s show is for you. Retirement is something many people work hard and long for. But what about when you are suddenly living an almost entirely different life? There can be challenges along with the joys. For you, what has been the hardest thing to adjust to or manage? That’s our topic to start the week. Join us!

One thought on “What Was the Hardest Thing For You About Retirement?

  1. It’s a novelty at the moment as I’ave only become an Old Age Pensioner here in Ireland following becoming 66 in August. I’ve become a volunteer and lock up our Church of Our Lady & St David’s each evening. Tuesday I do the readings at 7.30 am Mass on webcam www,naasparishwebcam and once a month I’m a Eucharistic Minister. I give some hours at the St Vincent De Paul Charity Shop as and when I can. I recite the rosary on air on occasions at Radio Maria Ireland. I am very lucky thank God to enjoy reasonably good health following cancer surgery three years ago. All of us are only here for a limited period and we must use our talents and abilities to glorify our Maker as best we can and not become self centred and caught up in useless worry. Make each day count 100% for Jesus.


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