Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Do You Have a Loved One Who Left the Faith?


It’s the number one prayer intention that we receive on the program – our loved ones who have left or stopped practicing the Catholic faith. It breaks your heart, and you can begin to worry about their eternal destiny. But, God is in control, and He knows just what it will take to bring our loved ones back to the fold. On Tuesday, we’re going to talk about this, and try to unpack the things we can do, and what God can – and will – do.

2 thoughts on “Do You Have a Loved One Who Left the Faith?

  1. It’s my number one intension on a daily basis “For all within my own home and family and circle of friends who have lapsed turned away from their faith and who take the Holy name in vain that your Holy spirit may overshadow all”


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