Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Do You Have Difficulty Forgiving Yourself?

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We’ve discussed this topic before, and it elicited a lot of very poignant and impactful takes on the program. On Wednesday, Jerry and Debbie invite you to once again pray about calling in and sharing whether or not you find it hard to forgive yourself. This can be very damaging to one’s overall personal growth, as it keeps us “stuck” in our past and our mistakes. It’s also a subtle form of pride, as we’re saying that we welcome the forgiveness of God, the Church and other people, but cannot – for whatever reason – forgive ourselves. Let’s dive deeply into this conversation on Wednesday.

One thought on “Do You Have Difficulty Forgiving Yourself?

  1. Listening to Take2 on KSHJ in Houston. What if the lovely caller with ghost pain and the chronic cycle to review her sins sparked by pain invited St Frances de Sales to spiritually adopt her? Read lots of his writings. And seek a spiritual director to help with her mental and spiritual habits. (By phone or televisit). Satan attacks when we are weak and this pain is an onslaught on her! Praying for this woman.


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