Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Curriculum Chaos


Parents everywhere are trying to navigate the ever-changing waters of what the coming school year will look like for their children. Some areas say that are simply going to reopen schools so that all kids can return. Others say classes will all be online. While still other areas are examining various hybrid possibilities. All the while, many teachers’ groups and parents are threatening to sue if they are forced to go back to school during the pandemic. Caught in the middle of all this are our children. On Thursday, share your thoughts on all of this with Jerry and Debbie. Do you even have a sense of how your kids will be educated this coming year? This should be a lively conversation.

3 thoughts on “Curriculum Chaos

  1. Adams12 schools in the Denver, Co area, are not even making a decision until July 30. Not even for teachers.


  2. P.S. Adam’s 12 students all have the option to sign up for a free online school program, regardless of the decision made.


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