Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

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Our Response to Injustices, Part II

We received a ton of feedback from Tuesday’s show on how we should respond to injustices. We had already bumped one scheduled topic to accommodate that vital discussion. And, based on listener response following that show, and into today, we will have part two of this discussion on Wednesday. Please be sure you listen closely, and feel free to join the conversation!

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  1. Thank you Jerry and Debbie for your ministry. God Bless you for work. In response to your show, how do we respond to injustices, unfortunately the world, the United States, is responding with sinful anger, instead of just anger. Just anger would prompt people to act in ways to improve the situation. Instead, with looting and more killing of police officers, our society is responding with sinful anger. The secular world of today rationalizes anger, psychology today teaches people to deal with anger by expressing it, which only causes people to be more angry. Society today has put God aside, has neglected the teachings of Jesus. This starts in the home. Instead of allowing God into family, society is allowing mainstream ideas that result in actions, such as anger. Ideas that violate the dignity of people, anything from the use of language, to the “normalization” of pornography, to the actions of angry ways. We need a better formation for our youth, better examples, better leadership that incorporates upright living in such a convoluted world.


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