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Life After the Pandemic

The world is slowly starting to “open up” again. Many churches, schools and businesses are back up and running, though usually with restrictions. Do you think life will ever be “normal” again? What do you expect to see when we have put a little distance between the pandemic’s worst effects and the resumption of daily life? Have you started working again? Is your church open for worship again? How long do you believe it will be before we can go about our lives without the shadow of the pandemic hanging over our heads? That’s what we’ll be talking about on Thursday, so plan to join us!

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  1. We have been celebrating Mass for the last four weeks in Idaho. Our diocese was swift in having a plan, so we could receive Jesus. We cannot receive the precious blood. I can tell you as a Eucharistic minister and not being able to serve it has been disappointing.
    Only the Priest, Deacons and on rare occassions our sacristan are able to administer Jesus. I cried when I finally got to receive him. I can tell you that our priest Fr. Flores was proactive in keeping us a community by his virtual mass, which he still does with those who still cannot come to church. He has brought Jesus to our homes, when we could not see him at church. I feel very blessed to live in our community and our state. So many others I here on your show and other radio shows that states/communities are being deprived of our constitual right. I pray everyday for the power of the holy spirit to lift this craziness out of the hands of the devil.
    I know we will get through this, however we have to continue to be pray warriors. Thank you, be safe in his precious and might name.


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