Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

What Role Does Mary Play In Your Life?


Wednesday was the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, when we had planned to present this topic. However, our Tuesday topic – How Often Do You Visit Cemeteries – turned into two parts. Of course, the entire month of May is dedicated to Our Blessed Mother, so we’ll invite you to call in on Thursday and share what role Mary plays in your life:

  • Is she your spiritual mother?
  • Does she lead you closer to Jesus?
  • Are you just now beginning to learn who Mary is?
  • Has she helped you in difficult times?
  • What devotions to her do you practice?
  • Have you been challenged to explain or defend the Catholic Church’s understanding of her?

We look forward to another great conversation with you on Thursday.

2 thoughts on “What Role Does Mary Play In Your Life?

  1. One of my most vivid memories of my late mother is of her devotion to our Blessed Mother and praying the Rosary. Every evening shortly after dinner our parents bedroom was off limits, the door was closed and my Dad always announced “ Your Mom is praying her Rosary “ 🙂
    I now understand how precious this time was to her because I now do the same! I now am the owner of her beautiful aquamarine colored Rosary that she purchased at St Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC back in the early 60s. It’s old and still beautiful.
    What a precious devotion that she passed down to me. I treasure it.
    My Mom. Sara has been gone for over 20 yrs now. She would have loved Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie.


    • How beautiful, Debbie. It’s so wonderful when parents pass down these devotionals to their children, especially through actions (and not always words). God bless you, and thanks for your kind comments!


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