Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Will Mother’s Day be a happy one for you?

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Meme-May 8 2020- Mothers-day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday.  We see all the commercials on TV, emphasizing the need to shower moms with love, gifts and attention this special day.  We should appreciate our mothers and all who stepped in as “mothers” in our lives. It is a great day to honor moms, especially the greatest of mothers, the Blessed Mother.

Mother’s Day can also be quite painful for some women.  There are many women who have no children of their own and whose mothers have passed on.  Other moms have strained or broken relationships with their children so Mother’s Day becomes an awkward event, or worse a forgotten occasion.  Now, with the pandemic, Mother’s Day celebrations may even be virtual this year.

So we are asking you on Friday’s show, do you look forward to Mother’s Day or not, and why?  Call in and share your joys or sadness when thinking about this upcoming holiday. 1-833-288-3986

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