Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Have You Lived Through a Sudden and Unexpected Tragedy?

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Tragedies are an inevitable part of each of our lives. Rare is the individual who has not lived through his or her share of them. Life can be going along just fine, when all of a sudden:

  • A child is killed in a car accident
  • A seemingly healthy pregnancy turns into a miscarriage
  • You or a loved one receive a devastating health diagnosis
  • Your spouse, without explanation, leaves you for someone else

These are a few examples that are perhaps more general. Others may be less frequent, but they still impact many people:

  • Someone you love died with Coronavirus
  • You lost a loved on on 9/11
  • A person dear to you perished in a plane crash or a train wreck

Everyone deals with these losses differently. Have you had to navigate life in the aftermath of these or any other type of tragedy? If so, let’s talk about it on Tuesday’s program.

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