Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

How Important Is Work to You?

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On their website, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops state that, “Work is more than a way to  make a living; it is a form of continuing participation in God’s creation.” The Catholic Church has always taught that a significant part of man’s dignity is to be found and protected in human labor. Join Jerry and Debbie on the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker as we discuss:

  • Are you satisfied with your job?
  • Are you retired from a satisfying career?
  • Is your employment more of a burden than a blessing?
  • Are you currently unemployed, but longing to return?
  • Do you feel that most companies respect the basic rights of workers, as the USCCB spells them out – to perform productive work, to decent and fair wages, to the organization and joining of unions, to private property, and to economic initiative?
  • Do you have to hold down multiple jobs to make ends meet?
  • If you’re out of work because of the coronavirus pandemic, are you confident that you’ll be able to resume your employment?

These questions and more – including your always great lived experiences – will be discussed on Friday. Join us!

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