Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Mishandling the Eucharist

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As we enter the beautiful liturgical season of Easter, we are painfully reminded at this present moment that we are unable to receive Jesus in the Eucharist due to the suspension of public Masses. Hopefully, this is having the effect on you of intensifying your devotion to the Most Blessed Sacrament, and your longing to once again receive Jesus’ Body and Blood at Holy Mass. On Monday, join Jerry and Debbie with your personal experience of seeing someone mistreat or mishandle the Holy Eucharist. It could have been things like:

  • An individual taking the host and putting it in their pocket
  • Someone receiving Jesus while looking and acting completely disinterested
  • An Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion dropping a host on the floor and just picking it right back up and giving it to the next person in line
  • A person who willy-nilly takes the chalice of Precious Blood, not caring if some spills out
  • And many more

Many times things happen by accident, and there is no fault on the part of the individual involved. But other times these incidents are a result of inattentiveness, poor understanding of the Real Presence or simply not taking care to handle the Eucharist properly.

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