Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Coronavirus, Part II

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How much has changed in just the last twenty four hours! The Archbishop of Seattle has ordered the indefinite suspension of all public Masses. The National Basketball Association has suspended its season. Much more is ahead. We’re obviously in for a very bumpy ride. On Thursday, Jerry and Debbie will field more of your calls about how your life has been impacted by this latest health crisis, how you’re trying to maintain some semblance of “normalcy” in your life, how much you’re doing to stay abreast of developments and keep yourself and your loved ones safe, and more. Most of all, what are you doing to pray and sacrifice for the world at this critical moment? Call with your takes on Thursday.

One thought on “Coronavirus, Part II

  1. I listen to your encore program every night and thank you for discussing the subject. If believe this is an unnecessary panic-driven situation. Yes, like the flu, it can be very serious for those with compromised immune systems and that is sad. Something to consider is that the corona virus has been around for some time.. The name COVID-19 suggests this is the 19th version of this virus, but with the scoop-driven 24 hour news media, we have to create panic. As many have said, common sense personal hygiene limits transmission. I hope that we all use common sense personal hygiene and continue to pray for those who are at risk or who have contracted the virus.


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