Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

How Often Do You Think of Heaven: Part III


Once again we had too many people, and too little time, on Monday’s show. So, we’re offering this topic one more time on Tuesday. It’s rare when we do a three-part series on anything. But you’ve asked for it, and we’ll deliver on Tuesday. If you have called but haven’t gotten on the air Friday or Monday, let Ryan know, and we’ll bump you up the list of callers.

2 thoughts on “How Often Do You Think of Heaven: Part III

  1. Can’t believe this is true Debbie & Jerry. Was in the midst of my Rosary the other night and by the second decade I fell asleep. Apparently I started to dream very quickly and during that dream I had a vision of two angels who then disappeared and as I was heading back down the road, a cloud came over me and I felt a Holy presence in that cloud and there were all kinds of dazzling stars, lights that were being showered from above and overcame me. The stars and lights were twinkling and I went into some kind of ecstasy, some kind of unimaginable joy, it was happiness beyond anything I had every experienced. I believe, it was God standing right there in all His glory and He gave me this beautiful experience, for a few minutes. When I went to Sunday mass, was shocked to hear the Gospel, reveal similar to what I had experienced. I put on the radio today and here you are speaking about Heaven.


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