Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

When is Enough, Enough?


Meme-Feb 26 2020-materalism

A preoccupation with acquiring more goods or money.  Is that the definition of materialism for you?  Or maybe you have only thought about materialism when Christmas rolls around and it seems like folks have forgotten the real sense of the season. Let’s face it. We do live in a materialistic world. Just notice how people will wait in lines for countless hours to get the newest and latest phone or gadget.  It is unbelievable what people will do to stay current with society.  So we have all these goods, but at what price?  Haven’t we pushed aside our spiritual needs all for these material desires?  Please call in and share your idea of materialism and we will hopefully show you how it relates to our Lenten journey.  1-833-288-3986

2 thoughts on “When is Enough, Enough?

  1. Hello Debbie and Jerry,

    I really enjoyed today’s show. I’m loooking forward to unscripted tomorrow! I love it! I’m glad to be a new member of the take 2 family as of today. Debbie, you have a kind and loving heart. Love you both.


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