Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Are You “Standing Tall” Today?


Jerry and Debbie often talk about “Taking Another Look at Life.” That’s where the “tall” acronym comes from. Because so many of us have – at least at times – been hunched over emotionally, psychologically, perhaps even spiritually, it’s crucial to our overall growth and well being that we “reframe” who we are and stop dragging around a ball and chain. That means shedding negative self-images that may result from the wounds and traumas of life, and getting to a place of understanding how incredible is our worth and dignity. We really should “stand tall.” Not in a prideful way, but as beloved sons and daughters of God, a God who made us for greatness and a unique, sublime purpose. On Monday, we’ll ask you to call in and share with us how you have managed to achieve this in your life. Or, maybe you’re still seeking tools and direction to do this. You may even have never heard of this kind of freeing life process before. Let’s have a great conversation about it, and, as always, come away a little better for having spent some time together!

3 thoughts on “Are You “Standing Tall” Today?

  1. Hello. Looking forward to the show. It should be a good one. Love you both.


  2. Hello Debbie and Jerry,

    I really loved today’s show. It was a good one. Jerry, I listened to you host Kresta in the afternoon today. You did an excelent job. Debbie, I’ll be listening to you tomorrow morning on Annunciation radio. Can’t wait. Love you both.


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