Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Unspoken Witness

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It’s often noted that people will be more open to the gospel based on what we do, rather than on what we say. We’re called to be open about our faith, without being showy or looking for attention. We are not to shy away from praying in public (such as before a meal at a restaurant), helping the poor, standing up for life by praying outside an abortion clinic, and lots more. It can be so uplifting and reassuring when we see others living their faith in a quiet, yet visible, way. Has that ever happened to you? Have you been going about your daily life, only to see someone make and unspoken witness to Jesus Christ? Let’s talk about this on Wednesday.

One thought on “Unspoken Witness

  1. I really enjoyed today’s show. Thank you for welcoming me to the family. I am not catholic but I listen to the show because I really learn a lot from it. I actually began listening in October 2019 after I did some things that caused me to lose my iPad and phone for a couple of months. I’m now using my phone a little bit each day to begin the new year and I hope I can began using it and my iPad all day every day again so I can email you both at take2@ewtn.com. Until then I’ll be commenting on take2show.com. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s show on why non catholics like myself listen to the show. Love you both.


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