Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Whom Or What Are You Praying For?


As we begin a new year of shows, what better way to do so than to gather one another’s prayer intentions and offer them to the Lord. Each month we dedicate the first live show to asking you, “Whom Or What Are You Praying For?” We know you have deep, heartfelt intentions. And we also know that there is power in prayer, especially among the Take 2 Family. So, please join us by phone, text, e-mail or social media comment and let us know what we can pray for.

Fr. Dolindo’s Surrender Novena – https://www.catholicdoors.com/prayers/novenas/p03530.htm

6 thoughts on “Whom Or What Are You Praying For?

  1. Please pray for me to overcome by frequent binge eating and overeating – am obese and have been for years. This insanity HAS to stop! There are so many negative repercussions my whole life through because of my seeming need for instant gratification. May I trust in God’s infinite mercy and give this seeming helplessness true hope. May I surrender all to Him. Thank you
    Fasting is almost impossible for me


    • Rosemary, God bless you for sharing the immense struggle you are going through. Yes, we will be praying daily that you will find a path to being able to be more disciplined in this area of your life. As for fasting, you don’t need to “abstain” from food to be fasting. You can eat something different than what you would really like to eat, and that is a form of fasting, or mortification, that is pleasing to God. Take it one small step at a time. And one little prayer at a time. God has you in the palm of His hand!


  2. Please pray for financial help……..we are desperate ever since my cancer five years ago and now cancer free thank God ….we just can’t come back after all the medical bills…..I have sleepless nights I pray and pray but I don’t know what to do…..please pray for my family….Patty……thank God for Debbie and Jerry


    • HI Patty,

      Yes, we will be praying for your financial needs. May the Lord grant you all the resources you need in order to get out of the debt hole that you find yourselves. In the meantime, and this may sound a bit strange, but be sure to praise God every day for His providence in your lives. Even if it is not easy at first to actively and intentionally praise him – even out loud – just give it a try, and we believe you will soon find more peace amidst this unfortunate challenge. Especially because you’ve been cancer-free for five years. That’s a great place to start in praising and worshipping our generous Father in heaven!


  3. I am praying for my niece’s family they have lost their youngest son, Joshua Joseph. I asked for prayers last year after he was born. He had so many problems,but he was such a happy baby. He had such a cute and crooked smile. He seemed to be progressing, putting on weight and starting to eat regular food,even getting his first cookie. But he could not survive this last infection and he died early on February 3rd at the same hospital he was born at 361 days earlier. We miss him very much,but we know he is with God and he is in no pain anymore.


    • This is heartbreaking, Tracey. We will pray for all of those who knew and loved Joshua Joseph. You’re right, he is with God, and that can give everyone comfort.


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