Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Helpful Practices After Communion

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Jerry and Debbie have an encore broadcast today of a very inspiring show, during which you called and shared some of the spiritual practices you follow immediately after receiving the Eucharist and returning to your pew. Enjoy listening to this show again, and we’ll be back live on Friday!

One thought on “Helpful Practices After Communion

  1. We have 4 small kids, 6 and under. First it helped to watch the Mass on EWTN tv, so they could ask all their questions out loud. Later, my husband and I would prompt them to at least look up for the Eucharist. We’d say, whispering but excited, “Look! It’s the body of Christ! Look! That’s the blood of Christ!” And they stretch their necks, stand on the pews to get a better view. My 5 yr old asked, “that’s Jesus?” “yes!” And she’d say, “wow! I can’t believe it!’. So I want them to be in awe as young as possible.


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