Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Why Are You Still Catholic?

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T2 Dec 9 2019- catholic (1)

Are you still Catholic? Have you had anyone ask you that question recently? So many people have fled the Catholic Church over things like the clergy sex abuse and cover up scandal. Other problems include poor catechesis in many areas, Catholics not living like they should, the constant barrage of attacks on the faith from outside the Church, especially by the mainstream media and liberal social groups. On Friday’s show, call and share with the world what keeps you going as a devout Catholic. Reasons like the Eucharist and the infallible magisterium of the Church are common and pretty obvious. But what is it in the depths of your heart that has you so anchored as a Catholic Christian that you wouldn’t leave no matter what happens or how bad things get? We can’t wait to have this discussion!

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