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Join Us Today If You’ve Never Married

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On Monday’s show, Jerry will be solo on the air – with you, that is! And, remember, you always drive the show with your takes, your insights, your wisdom, your lived experiences and your support and suggestions for other Take 2 Family members. Today’s topic was suggested by a listener who has never married. We’ve done shows on being single, but those have focused more on people who were still “looking for love” in the form of a spouse. But a growing percentage of people – including Jerry – seem to be content serving God while choosing not to marry. For each person who has remained unmarried, there could be a lot of factors that played into that decision. A bad example by your parents made you determined never to set yourself up for that. Perhaps your professional life was so busy and fulfilling that you never met the right person who could accommodate that challenging way of life. It could be that after making several unseuccessful runs at matrimony you simply decided to slow down a little and enjoy the unmarried life. We all learn from you inspiring takes, so be sure you share why you have remained unmarried up to this point in your life, and if you envision that ever changing.

RESOURCE: Single and Catholic Finding Meaning in Your State of Life

One thought on “Join Us Today If You’ve Never Married

  1. One thing I find missing when topics of singles comes along on these shows is the question I heard on a Protestant channel was the inability for a single person to “bond”. Also, there is never a mention about is sexual fulfillment which as a Catholic man part of the desire for marriage besides all the other blessings of companionship and desire to give of oneself totally to a woman.


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