Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Urgent Prayer Requests


For some time now, Jerry and Debbie have offered a monthly show dedicated to taking your prayer intentions. It is always among our most impactful shows. We regularly receive e-mail from people who have urgent and time-sensitive intentions. So, we decided to offer an episode for those of you to call in who need prayers “right now.” On Monday, we’ll take your 911 prayer requests and offer them all to the Lord for His prompt replies.

9 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Requests

  1. This is Doris Young lady name Morgan is getting comfort care. She has cistic fibrosis End of last week .she went into respiratory arrest then her heart stopped. Brain damage. She wanted to donate her good organs. Waiting for that. Her dad was diagnosed with cancer about 6 weeks ago . Please pray for her family


  2. Please pray for the conversion of my husband Fidel and my children that are drifting away from the faith. Thank you!


  3. Please pray for my grandson Gavin. He had a head injury as an infant . Because of this he struggles to learn what’s necessary in school. He becomes very distraught and depressed.
    He is kind and sweet and an amazing little athlete.
    Please, I ask your help in praying for his healing.
    I thank you for all you do. May God our Father Bless you always ..


    • We’re so sorry to hear about Gavin’s injury and subsequent struggles. We will pray for him and all of your family every day. God bless you.


  4. I have a union pre-disciplinary meeting tomorrow with Hr I am afraid I may get fired or severely disciplined. I need urgent prayer to help me come out of that without repercussions I can I’ll afford to lose my job. They tell me it is offer misuse of internet or it resources nothing more. I have not abused it but do use it to look at jobs internal to the state


  5. Prayers needed for my parents, John and Connie, who are both fighting cancers that are aggressive. Mom was to get treatment today but her platelets are too low. Praying for strength, guidance and healing for both. They pray together every day and they take these crosses and keep moving forward. Gods will be done and may we have the strength to travel the road and accept and learn from the road being traveled. Thank you


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