Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

What Was Your Hardest Adjustment Going From Single to Married Life?


Following a vocational call to holy matrimony can be filled with great joy and blessings. But it also presents challenges to each spouse, especially if he or she has lived the single life prior to entering the marriage, which has been called a “saint-making machine.” That’s because husband and wife must learn to put the other first, to make sacrifices that they previously didn’t have to make, in essence, to live very differently than they did when they were single. When you got married, what did you find to be the hardest adjustment(s) from single life? Let’s learn again from each other on Monday’s show.

2 thoughts on “What Was Your Hardest Adjustment Going From Single to Married Life?

  1. I agree with caller Greg. Marriage preparation is very important. My husband & I participated in our parish marriage ministry before we were engaged because we wanted to learn about the Sacrament of marriage from parishioners in all stages of married life. Also long before people even start dating they need to assess who they are and what their values are so that they start their friendships knowing your purpose in life…to know and serve God. Marriage is not a choice to make so that you are not alone is not an option. Also, keep sex out of the relationship until you marry so that you’re not emotionally confused.


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