Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Do You Avoid Conflict?


It can happen anytime, anywhere, and in just about any circumstance of our lives. It’s called conflict. It’s usually a serious disagreement or argument, often a protracted one. You experience a clash of interests with another person or a group of people. Conflict can be personal, racial, class-based, political, religious – you name it. Some live for conflict. It seems to fuel who they are. Others avoid it at all cost, and for a variety of reasons. And, to be sure, there are many who fall between the two extremes. What about you? Call on Monday and share with Jerry and Debbie if you’re someone who seeks to do just about anything to avoid conflict and keep the peace. This will be another impactful conversation led by…you!

2 thoughts on “Do You Avoid Conflict?

  1. I have avoided conflict for 45 years. Now according to my husband and his family I am acting out of character and need mental help.
    My daughter, Amanda, passed away 9/23/17. She had a 4yr old daughter whom I have raised most of her life from 3 mths when CPS brought her to me. When my daughter passed my granddaughter was already with me and my daughter knew Noriana would be okay with me. My husband and I had her baptized. She was at home attended preschool, we were family.
    Then my husband against counselors , Noriana and my wishes took her to live with my 28 year old son and his wife of 2 years. No children in their marriage yet. Just left her their knowing that he would not raise her catholic or even go to any church.
    In short after my granddaughter continuous request to come home I retrieved her. Fast-forward… I am in the middle of a divorce and custody battle. MY husband does not want to raise her. ” We are too old (65) and don’t have enough money”. He wants my son to raise her.
    They all know I am a devout Catholic, CCD teacher , active church member. I told God at her baptism she would be raised catholic.
    Out of character is not letting my husband have his way. I lived with him. They only saw him on occasion In fact in 45 years they saw me more. I was their sister, daughter I helped out whenever I could. Now he has turned everyone against me .
    Even had me mentally evaluated. Results stated that I was normal. Avoided conflicts rather than confronting. Noriana and I are attending Counseling. Also Children’s Bereavement group therapy. After 2 years we are just now getting to grieve.
    NOTE:Over the years and even now when we need outside help my husband stands by the fact that he does NOT do that. He says IT IS IN THE LAWYERS HANDS.

    I believe it is in Gods hands.

    Pray for healing of my family. My husband has quit going to church . Satan has taken control of him. He is angry and doesn’t see how much he is hurting my granddaughter. He has lost all love for me. My son and his wife say they have Jesus in their hearts, and that is good enough. I have lost my son.

    Angels are with us always.



    • Susan,

      Be assured of our daily prayers for this difficult situation. You are a terrific grandmother to Noriana. May the Lord grant you all much peace and healing. God bless you.


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