Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Whom or What Are You Praying For?


On Thursday, it’s our monthly show for you to call, text, e-mail or post on social media any prayer intentions you would like the world to pray for. We’ll get to as many of them as we can on the air, but even if we don’t get to yours, we will gather them all and offer a prayer for all of your intentions at the end of the show.

8 thoughts on “Whom or What Are You Praying For?

  1. Please pray for our parish as we prepare to do a survey. The purpose of the survey is to determine commitment to finance a large repair project for our church, St. Hyacinth in LaSalle Illinios


  2. Please pray for my 2 sons that as they leave “the nest” they will be protected against all the social and moral evils of this world. I also ask that Gods will be done in their life and that of their future wives.


  3. Pray for my adult children, Allyssa 28, Taylor 26, and Jordan 25 to come back to the church. Also pray for my daughters to marry their boyfriends, the father of their children. Pray for my granddaughter Yarina 8 months that her mom, my youngest daughter Jordan, get her baptize.


  4. I know i am a few days late, but i’m seeking out prayers from anyone. I’m 19 years old man, who has recently have gone through a mutual breakup that ended with no bad blood between us. Without doubt the Lord brought us together. In the time I had dated her I learned about myself and grew to love her more. I began to pour myself out to her as she has done for me. I know I am young, but I do not feel inexperienced towards love. My prayer request is for god to reconcile me and her. I also want to add special prayers just for her as I know her life is tough as it is. She has dependency issues to sort out herself so she can feel like can rely on herself and doesn’t want to fall in love at the moment. I pray that she receives graces, protection from evil and strength for her troubles in this life.

    *Her name is Bianca*


    • We will pray for Bianca, as well as you and all of your needs and intentions. May the Lord grant you both peace and knowledge of His perfect will.


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