Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

How Have You Honored Someone’s Memory?


We’ve all lost loved ones. It happens to lots of people every day. Their memories live on in our minds and hearts. And sometimes we decide to do something special to keep their memory alive for others as well. It may be a scholarship you fund in someone’s memory. It could be contributing to your parish, hospital or school and naming part of it after them. Some people get very creative and honor loved ones’ memories in unique ways. Have you done this for someone who was close to you? Let’s talk about it on Friday, and discover how close we still are to those who have gone before us.

4 thoughts on “How Have You Honored Someone’s Memory?

  1. Hi Jerry,
    I was listening today and I missed the information on the mini pilgrimage that you and Debbie and Rick P. are going to Stockbridge Ma. Where can i find out more information I am really interested if the dates work.
    Thank you
    Shannon Spencer
    Grand Island NY


    • Hi Shannon,

      It would be great to have you with us. Please send an e-mail to take2@ewtn.com, and we will forward you the information that we have so far. Some details are still being worked out. But a lot of things are already in place. The dates are August 15-17. God bless you!


      • Thank you Jerry
        Unfortunately the dates won’t work out for me this August but maybe another time
        Thank you for taking the time to let me me know when it was I appreciate it
        God bless!


      • Sure thing, Spencer. Hope we can do something like this again, and you can join us!


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