Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Do You Believe the Church Wouldn’t Embrace You?


The Church was established by Jesus to reach out and wrap Her arms around every human being. She extends this invitation by proclaiming the truth in charity. Some of those truths can be inconvenient for some, and quite intimidating for others. Many people avoid coming to faith and to the Church because they believe they have sinned too greatly, are presently living in a spiritually unhealthy relationship, and so on. On Tuesday, Jerry and Debbie will ask people to call who feel they are outside the reach of God’s love, God’s mercy, and full membership in the Church, due to sins, bad choices, lifestyle, etc.

Regarding civil divorce and reception of Holy Communion:


5 thoughts on “Do You Believe the Church Wouldn’t Embrace You?

  1. Thank You Jerry & Debbie
    Thank you for that Great HOPE! When you spoke about when your spouse dies and goes to heaven if you’re married still or not, and the answer to that is that you are not. However to know in our marriage here on earth that both of us helped each other in our marriage to get to heaven, made me really really really happy!!! I believe me and my husband were able to find our faith again in our lives. After being raised Catholic as children and then going away from the Roman Catholic faith in our teens and young adults but then in our 30s we found the church again and came back. This made us stronger better and on fire for our faith. Knowing when I get to heaven and I get to see him my beloved David George Z. – who passed 3 years ago at 52. I know we both will be appreciative that we were able to help each other on our path to heaven. Each of us comes into this world through our mothers womb, as did Jesus. We come in alone as a single person or a single soul and we go out alone when we pass away into Eternal life. Sometimes I think the trials of this life or our blessings in disguise! May those that have passed rest in heavenly eternal peace. God Bless!


    • This is beautiful, Debbie. Thanks for your enthusiastic note, as well as the kind words. We’ll pray for David’s soul, and for you and your family!


  2. Jerry did you recommend a video on churchpop of Ven. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen on What’s My Line?


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