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If we plan on interacting with people, then we should be aware of the possibility of being betrayed at some point in our lives.  People can and sadly will let us down.  It may be a friend in school, a colleague at work, a loved one or even a spouse.  Human beings can give into this inclination during a weak moment and seriously do damage to someone they care about.  Just look at the extreme example of what Judas did to Jesus, his dear friend and teacher.  Betrayal can come in so many ways but with the same result, a loss of trust and considerable pain. Have you ever been really hurt by someone you trusted and cared about?  Were you able to move past the hurt, to forgive and possibly forget? Or are you still stuck in the heartbreak? Some people go a lifetime of never getting over being badly betrayed. Let’s have a real, deep discussion on this and see if we can help others by our experiences.  1-833-288-3986.

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  1. Is there help for such a betrayal? Experience might demonstrate.


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