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Hurry Back, Jesus!


We know that Jesus is coming back. Scripture says – in the words of Jesus – that we do not know the day nor the hour. It could be Monday, or it could be 5000 Mondays from now. The Bible tells us that God’s patience is for our benefit. We all have family and friends who are not practicing their faith. The Book of Revelation exhorts us to pray for Jesus’ second coming. But, what would happen to our loved ones if He returned today? What would our own fate be? How do you handle the tension between wanting Jesus to return soon, and knowing people who might not be ready? On Monday, let’s talk about this, and share with us what you think of this question.

T2- MAY6-2019- Jesus is vack

4 thoughts on “Hurry Back, Jesus!

  1. Yes! Hurry back, Jesus! The moments I cherish most is when I attend Mass with my husband, our children and grandchildren. I pray every day that we all may praise God with our family members that have passed, the Saints and the elect forever.


  2. Dear Jerry & Debbie,

    Hi. I’m so glad that you are doing this topic! I know that God lays on your hearts and minds, and that of the whole Take2 family some of the very best show ideas! Showing below is my “Take” on Monday’s topic.

    Many years ago I got mad at God. Yes, I must admit to being upset with God. Since then I’ve learned that it’s okay to express your real feelings to Him as He can handle whatever is going on in your life and quite frankly He knows all about it anyway! It’s funny to think I could hide something from God!

    When I was in the 2nd grade I once missed the school bus due to helping the teacher clean the chalkboard after class. I remember with great horror seeing out of the classroom window the bus driving by and thinking no one would come get me. My teacher took me to my child care provider where my Mother later picked me up. For years and years, even in to adulthood, I had nightmares on occasions of me missing the bus and being abandoned by my parents, who would never give it much thought that I wasn’t around anymore, or even care what had happened to me. I no longer have those nightmares.

    I found that my abandonment issues and other from my past have worked again me in trusting God and in having an intimate relationship with Him. However, with God’s help, and of course good counseling and time, I don’t put God in the same category as how my parent’s treated my sister and me. All this to say that it’s rare that I would even admit to being upset with God. I guess maybe back then I was afraid if I got mad at God then He would abandon me too and I didn’t want that.

    A few years after my Dad died in 1995 I found myself mad at God. The reason I was upset with God was that I looked around and saw that all my Christian relatives had died off and I was the only locally living one who was a Christian. I told God that I didn’t have anyone to whom I could relate to as a fellow Christian, except for some distant living relatives who had relationships with Jesus Christ, and how that wasn’t right. It wasn’t good I thought that all my Christian relatives had died off and I was about the only one left. Then it occurred to me that that was REALLY GOOD after all because that left more time for the living ones to get a right relationship with God and I would rather have me die before them. At least I believed I was going to heaven and it would give them more time to know Jesus Christ. So since then, and that was around 25 years ago, I’ve thought that it’s better if I die before them, and somehow maybe my life and funeral, if I have a really nice, well thought out one, would be a witness to them. Since becoming Catholic I realized early on that the only way my family would set foot in a Catholic Church is if I got married (remarried) or die. I may get my wish.

    It really is a good thing that Jesus doesn’t come right now as I want ALL my family to go to heaven and if I get there ahead of them so be it. I just want them to get there.

    Next week I’m going to get a CAT Scan to see if I have cancer. What my regular doctor and I thought also, as having been allergy related issues, a specialist thinks may be cancer. And if so, I’ve had it for a while. I put off going to the doctor not thinking it was anything serious. I will know in a couple of weeks the outcome and will go from there. A strange type of peace and also grace has come over me and I’m good with that. I know that this peace and grace is coming from God. I’m just hoping if it’s bad news that I will have the time to finish out some projects I’ve got going at Church. Also, I’m thinking that I better get out some Christmas cards early this year with my personal Family & Friends letter included, which I’ve been remiss in doing for many years now.

    My sister, Leah, told me yesterday that my Brother-In-Law, Jerome, has had a return of cancer after being cancer free for many years, and it may have spread into his body from where it is located now. He has that male type cancer that I’m too embarrassed to mention where. He was raised Catholic but is non-practicing most of his life. I heard from another relative about a month ago that he expressed interest in his Catholic past again and they thought that he might like to return to the Catholic Church. Yeah about that!

    I’ll be in San Antonio next Friday for the EWTN Share-A-Thon Drive as a volunteer and to visit my family. (I’m super excited about being involved in my 1st Share-A-Thon to support EWTN!! I’m praying that it will be extremely successful in all ways.)

    When I’m with my family in SA I’m going to pull Jerome to the side and talk to him about returning home to the Catholic Church. If he returns then my sister will follow, not maybe in becoming Catholic but in going to Mass with him, and then maybe that will cause a whole chain reaction in my family and that will be a very, very good thing!!!

    I apologize to you all if this has been a sad email to read but I did want to point out that Jesus waiting to come back is a good thing for those that aren’t saved. And as for me , I’m joyful and also happy too and will carry on in God’s love and grace.

    All the best!

    Keeping you and all the Take2 Team in pray this weekend. Praying for both of you in your allergy relief too.

    Toni in Texas

    p.s. I got my book in last night on “How to Profit from Your Faults”. I’ll start reading it today.


  3. Dear Jerry & Debbie,

    Wet Toes & Theology

    Jerry your comments on offering everything up to God, even something like a papercut was insightful. I never thought, or actually heard of doing something like that before at that level. However it does make sense in light of 1 Thessalonians 5:17 -18, to pray without ceasing and to give thanks in everything.

    I went to Wal Mart after your show yesterday and I decided to wear sandals even though it had been raining earlier in the day the rain had stopped.

    Just as I got to the packed parking lot it started pouring down rain. I thought great now I’m going to get my feet all wet and my umbrella was in my car where I couldn’t get to it without getting out of the car and getting all wet to get it. (I’m usually not that cranky a person but I truly didn’t want to get sopping wet.)

    Then it occurred to me that I could offer that up to God as a sacrifice. Wet toes – I guess that qualifies?

    As I was circling and circling around the parking lot to find the a parking spot close to the front of the store so I would get less wet I happily spotted an open parking spot, 2nd on the row. Now I wouldn’t get so wet after all! However, someone had overparked from their spot, double parked, and the empty parking spot was not accessible. Since I had just been thinking on offering sacrifice of wet toes to God (yes, I know that sounds weird) I didn’t event think about saying any uncharitable words in my mind to the person who had taken up 2 primo parking spots. I didn’t even think those words, although I was tempted to, but since I had made an offering up to God I went on to a less desirable spot and continued on with my errand at hand.

    Offering up things to God does make a difference!

    Thanks for that information! I’ll keep doing it!

    p.s. The rain suddenly stopped and I didn’t get wet at all!

    Debbie you had some insightful comments on the show as well, and as usual :).

    I was running a few minutes late for Mass this Sunday and was concerned I wouldn’t get a good seat. However, when I got to the parking lot it was so very pathetically highly empty. Where were all the people on this bright, beautiful Pentecost Day I wondered? The Hospitality Committee was even hosting a Pentecost Birthday party for the birth of the Church after the Mass with a free light lunch. Free food usually brings people out.

    I know the local schools had let out this Friday and the Friday before that but where were all the people? I started to cry on my short walk across the parking lot. I felt no judgement for anyone, which I don’t have the right to do anyway, but just deep sadness. The only thing I can think to do is to pray and let God do that vertical evangelism praying that Jerry mentioned on the show and let God work on people’s hearts. The Mass was great and the Homily really good too and the fellowship at the very nice lunch. The Hospitality Committee was disappointed that the expected crowd was not there and much leftover food had to be given away. I felt sad for them too.

    I pray for the Catholic Church and that people will come to the Masses and not forget to go to Mass during the beautiful summer days. I hope the normal crowd of people present at the 11:00 am Sunday Mass went to another Mass time this Sunday, maybe that was it. I had a good Pentecost Sunday and hope that others did too.

    All the best and my prayers are with you both, and the whole show team!

    I will pray extra for you as you go in to the Aftershows starting this Friday.

    Blessings & Grace,

    Toni in Texas


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