Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Have You Suffered On Behalf of Another?


Life involves suffering. For some, a lot of suffering. What we “do” with that suffering is of the utmost importance. First, we can and should unite it to the suffering of Jesus during His passion and death in reparation for our own sins. But the Bible and the teachings of the Church make it clear that we can embrace our hardships for the spiritual benefit of others. In Colossians 1:24, St. Paul says that he even rejoices in the opportunity he has to suffer for others. At the heart of this notion of suffering for others is the Church’s understanding of the mystical Body of Christ including those in heaven, those on earth, and those in Purgatory. Has there been a time in your life when you accepted your suffering with the intention of God helping someone else? Perhaps you have even asked the Lord for suffering with the same thing in mind. Let’s have a conversation about this on Thursday’s show.

T2- June 6-2019- -Suffer--d-day

4 thoughts on “Have You Suffered On Behalf of Another?

  1. Greetings Jerry & Debbie,

    Before I became Catholic I never thought of suffering as anything other than suffering. I didn’t know it had other much deeper meanings than that. Now I know as a Catholic it means a whole lot more! I try now to see how things I suffer apply to Christ and what I can learn from them. I also can see how He is using it for my good, and in some cases, to possibly help others who go through a similar suffering as well. My favorite verse in the Bible is Romans 8:28.

    I once read a story in one of those “Chicken Soup” books about a lady who had a good friend who was dying a very horrible death from something. The friend was in great pain and agony. The lady told God that she couldn’t bear the pain of her friend’s suffering and wondered how her friend could either. The lady told God that she just didn’t have the emotional energy to handle it. Then God told her that He had given the extra grace needed for her friend’s suffering to her dear friend, to be able to handle the situation, and not to her.

    So when I think of that it reminds me that God gives us the grace to handle the various sufferings in our lives in the amounts that we need, although it seems right right up there pretty close to the edge sometimes!

    It will be a good show today I’m sure because I can learn much from the theological insights that you and Debbie and other more mature Catholic Callers have to say in this matter. As I said, I’m new to learning that suffering had any deep religious meanings and purposes, except that of Jesus’s suffering on the Cross.

    Blessings & Prayers for you both!

    Have a good show and a good day as well! 🙂

    Toni in Texas


    • Beautiful insights, Toni. Thanks for sharing again with us. We do hope that today’s show is impactful. That is our only aim each and every day. Pray for us, as we do for you!


  2. Dear Jerry & Debbie,

    Thank you!

    That was by far one of your best shows yesterday and from the short time that I’ve been listening to you all on a regular basis there have been many good shows! From being a newer Catholic I am especially appreciative of your shows that impart Catechetical, or should I really say, on-going Catholic knowledge to your listening audience. I’m looking forward to today’s show on the Holy Spirit.

    I enjoy the less serious shows too as it’s all good and you do tie it back to God in an informative and humorous way! The Callers are great and all put together it makes for a wonderful show.

    Yesterday on the show I laughed with that lady who “transferred” her niece’s pain on to her husband for him to suffer. That was so funny!

    I also got a lot of good useful information out of the show. I was driving when the show was on and I only got to hear 1/2 or it and feel asleep last night before being able to hear the other half of it. I will listen to a replay of the show today so I can hear the rest of the show.

    I know that you are not what’s called, “Professional Counselors” but you are in my opinion both God’s Counselors. When the lady called in about her Dad very recently dying from what sounded like suicide, I felt God come down through Debbie and say the exact words that this dear lady and all of us needed to hear.

    I was driving at the time and I started to cry and then stopped and then started to cry all over again after something Debbie said. Every word out of Debbie’s mouth was so very appropriate. And when Jerry entered the conversion his words were just as appropriate and good and God filled as well. You both have the best timing on what to say and when to say it. I admire that as does the rest of your listening audience too I’m sure.

    I had never hear of praying to take on someone else’s suffering and other things I heard in the show the 1st half hour. It made me think about that for my own life. I went to both doctor and dental appointments yesterday afternoon and I got bad news at both. It made me really think about suffering and prayer. After about an hour I decided to stop worrying about the news and just deal with it one step at a time. Having to have a tooth pulled is not the end of the world after all! 🙂 And as for the other, I will just deal with it as best I can.

    I do know however that Satan was trying to divert my attention away from other matters. As of yesterday morning, after a meeting, I got my 1st green light to help start a Pro-Life group at my Church. I know that I can get at least 50 people involved and the program I’m developing is for a comprehensive Pro-Life group, with many components.

    All this to say is that if Satan tries to get to me with what little I do and I see the great good that both of you “Heavy Hitters” and vastly more knowledgeable, talented, and experienced people than me, can and already do, then Satan must really try to come against you way much more so than me. So with that in mind I will increase my prayers for you and especially in the days ahead as the Aftershow comes on-board. I know that that is a very generous gift of even more of your time and talents in service to God and others. Thank you again. You have my prayers and well wishes too! May God bless you richly!

    Have another good show today!

    Both of you have a restful and good weekend!


    Toni in Texas

    p.s. Debbie made the comment yesterday that you all do not get any or much sleep. I laughed when I heard that. My family and friends have asked me if I sleep at all as I crank out work it seems to them 24/7. I just have a high energy level, like my Mother. God is good all the time!


    • Toni,

      What can we say? You have a depth to your faith that comes through in your e-mails. Thanks for being in touch again. Your words are very kind about the show. It is out hope and prayer that every listener gets out of it each day exactly what God wants for them. We will continue to pray for you, especially for your medical and dental needs. And we so appreciate your prayers for us, the show team, and the entire T2 family. Yes, the enemy makes himself known on many occasions. But, by God’s grace, all of us on EWTN are sustained by His grace. God bless you!


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