Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Are Pets Really That Smart?


How smart are our pets? There was the lovable collie named Lassie, who starred on television for nearly nineteen years, helping people out of countless difficult situations. And there was Flipper, the adorable dolphin who seemed to almost speak English in doing much the same thing as Lassie. While these were dramatizations, we want to ask you on Thursday if our pets are really able to tell when we’re sad, hurt, sick or in trouble. Have you had an experience of this? Share your take on our next broadcast.

T2- MAY 16 -2019- pet-help

4 thoughts on “Are Pets Really That Smart?

  1. Yes, people attach to their dogs as they feel disconnected…reference book by Jon Katz. Called The New Work Of Dogs!! Good call Debbie


  2. So happy to be sitting at my desk, listening to your show “Are Pets Really that Smart”. At the young age of 18 I learned that I couldn’t have children. Two weeks after learning that a kitty showed up and I decided then that God needed me to care of his furry creatures. I think our companions are smart and know when we’re upset, sick or hurting. We currently have 7 dogs: Newman Lee, Stuart Finley, Hans, Winston Markley, Yodee, Margaret and Eleanor. We also have 4 cats: Larry, Sophie Ann, Stella and Isabelle Jane.


    • Wow, Sheri! Even though you unfortunately couldn’t have children, it sounds like you have a beautiful “family” of pets. Thanks for sharing this with us, and for listening to the show!


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